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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Very Long Day...

So today was the big day of testing for my Gastric Bypass surgery!  Starting at 9am at the Cardiac Cath Lab for an EKG and Stress test and what a surprise the tech that taking care of me is a friend I haven't seen in maybe 15 years!!  Thank goodness the doctor was late, it gave us time to catch up! So finally I'm on the treadmill, my heart rate is up to 146 and the doctor and I are just chatting away and we realize that we have met before, 30 years ago! His brother who was studying Agriculture at Cornell lived with us on our farm for a summer. Did I happen to mention they are also from France.  Small world

So onto the next test, abdominal sonogram, covered in goo, holding my breath oh the fun.
 Now onto ex-ray.  Tech looks at my patient id and says you look familiar, nope don't know him, don't remember him at all.  He is behind his little lead window while taking my chest films and all the sudden I hear, I knew I knew you.  Yup he recognized my film. He was in the OR while I had my cervical surgery and was the tech in charge of making sure my titanium plate was in the right position. Everything looks pretty good so far.

On to the next test, the one I have been dreading, the Upper GI.  So first and abdominal exray, then swallow the pop rocks, yuck, then the thick barium cocktail, double yuck!! on the table, roll around, roll back now drink the thin barium cocktail. Roll around some more ok your done here. By the way this test had to be fasting and did I mention it's now 1:30pm!! Oh my. 

One more test, this is the easy one, just a little vampire work, yeah he got it on the first try!! whew.

It's now 2:30, and I'm driving my husbands car, on my way to his office to pick him up.  I am setting at a stop light and there is a cop in the lane next to me. Light turns green and before I know it he is pulling me over!!  What have I done??? Not on the phone, seat belt on, the car is inspected, registered and insured, no clue.  So the officer tells me that my car isn't insured, but I know it is. so I give him the information and he returns to his car. ok so time is ticking still haven't eaten or had anything to drink and I'm getting a little bit on the nasty side.  He comes back to the car and yup everything is ok. What had happened was 3 months ago the bank withdrew instead of depositing a check and our insurance is automatically paid out of our account. This left our insurance policy out of commission for 4 days and the wonderful state of NY suspended our registration for it!!!  Gotta love NY.  well the officer was kind and let me go with a warning that I need to go to the dmv and get it taken care of.  thank you, thank you. thank you.. 

I'm sooo tired, Such a long day. It won't take long to fall asleep tonight.

Good night all.

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