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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Mom Complex

Some times I just can't help but be a mom, even if the kid isn't my own.  My sons have a friend that is a kid after my own heart, he is what we would call a true outdoor kinda guy.  He doesn't need all the fancy gadgets which includes a formal roof over his head, electricity or running water.  Yup he lives in a lean too!  He teaches snowboard lessons at Labrador Mt., cashes his checks and for all we know buries it in a jar in the woods somewhere.  Ladies never judge a book by it's cover, This young man may not be the most handsome, or well kept but he has captured a place in my heart with his honesty, kindness and unpretentious nature.

So for my mothering...  you can imagine that living in a lean too in NY in the middle of winter must get just a little cold.  My son's mentioned to me that they wanted me to look at their friends fingers while we were at the Last Run having dinner and a beer.  Well their friend has frostbite, his finger tips were all white, and two days later one of the finger tips has now turned purple.  I told him that he really needs to go see a doctor as soon as he can.  I don't know if he will follow my suggestion but here's hoping.

So into worrying mother mode I go and put my sewing machine to work.  and after a little bit, the outcome is one very warm fleece sleeping bag liner!  So on with the boots, hat and mittens and up the road I trudge to the ski center and what luck the boys were all just arriving for work.  I gave this young man my present and his face just lit up.  Then another of  the boys turned to him and said, "you know, she made that".  He turned to me and the smile got even bigger.  It is so cool to have the little things you do be so appreciated.

Well at least I know he slept warmer last night, especially when my temperature gauge is reading -1.

Sleep tight young man and know that if it gets to cold, the door is open to my home any day.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Quilt Camp

Calico Gal Scout Quilt Camp
What fun! Beautiful quilts, lots of laughs and new friends to be had. Can you say FFFFFinish?  I know you can, but be careful if you do you might just loose your princess pin :(.  I lost my very early but that's ok  then I could say the secret "F" word all I wanted and not worry and still have all the fun.

But for me quilt camp is beginning to take on another meaning and it's a little strange indeed.

The very first quilt camp I attended was with the Patchwork and Pies girls. I knew very few people but was looking forward to the weekend at the Riversedge resort in Alexandria Bay with nothing to do but sew! Well, shortly after the start of camp this very nice lady came up to me with a quizzical look on her face, read my name tag then looked at me and asked "who is your father?" I responded, Bill Butler. The lady Swooned back with hand on her heart and replied "OHH he had the most beautiful eyes" then she turned to her friend and said "Sue, this is Bill Butler's daughter". Again, "Ohhh his eyes were just beautiful". Turns out both of these nice ladies had gone to high school with my dad.

Well, to say the least I was like, yuck, your talking about my dad here. but actually it was kinda sweet. We became fast friends and they are some of my favorite quilting pals.
My Dad

So now, once again I am at a quilt retreat with a group of ladies many of which I have never met. And one of the ladies asks The Question,... "Who is your father?" I know, here it comes, I'm expecting the ever favorite response about his beautiful eyes, but wow was I in for a surprise! here it comes... "boy could he play basketball!". So, as she says this with a smile and a twinkle, I didn't really dare ask but rather let my imagination do the talking. I know that my dad was a very talented athlete, but was she really interested in his athletic ability to play basketball or was there something just a little bit more? I mean let's be truthful here, it has already been established that he has beautiful eyes, and I know what I was looking at when I went to sporting events as a teen.

I guess we will never know, and maybe not knowing is really the fun. But, it never ceases to amaze me how small our world is and how popular my dad was. He must have been really something his youth. At least the girls thought he was!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introducing Heartsdesire Fly Me To The Moon, aka "Luna"

Meet our new little girl Luna!  Moonshine and Steams little girl was born December 10, 2010 and is a singleton.  Being the only puppy in the litter she is getting very spoiled but we love her to death! She is a feisty and brave little girl, and it is our hopes that she will do very well in the show ring.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Teddy and his bib!

"Teddy" A.K.A. Gr. Ch. Top Shelf's El Presidente, the number 5 Newf in the country, owned by my good friends the Traka's, modeling his new bib.  Dan wanted something special for Teddy and asked for a tux.  I went all out with satin stitch trim and gold thread black tie.  Doesn't he look handsome!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

My students

Just a few of the ladies and their work from the Best Friend Class I teach at Quilters Corners in Ithaca, NY

 Haven't they just done the most wonderful job!!  I love the detail and creativity, can't wait to see them when they are finished!  Way to go ladies!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

back up and sewing

Well don't think we will ever do that again.  In the past two months we have moved, had puppies and the holidays, so guess what got put on hold??? yup sewing. but I studio is finally organized, I think so I'm back up and sewing.

I have orders coming in and answering emails daily so I'm hoping to have enough work to keep me very busy and paying the bills, that would be a good thing!!

Teaching at Quilters Corners this afternoon and then next weekend is the Calico Gals Quilt Camp. I can't wait!!