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Monday, July 9, 2012

I knew there was a reason...

Echo Jackson
I knew there was a reason that I save all my patterns!!

Two years ago I made a quilt of Echo Jackson, a very famous Bernese Mt. Dog, (Jackson has sired more champions than any other dog) for the Berner Garde Health Fund Auction at the Bernese National Specialty when it was held in Portland, Oregon which sold for $5000.00.

The owner of the quilt contacted me very upset that the quilt was damaged beyond repair and she was just beside herself and could I please make her another one.  Of course I would make it, but I was beside myself to think that something I had put so much time and work into was gone. Thank goodness I save all my patterns!  Well there is no way that I can replicate it exactly because of fabric availability, but I think I got it pretty close and I finished piecing it today.   Will have to make a little trip to pick up some batting before I can finish but will finish soon.

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