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Friday, July 6, 2012

And the fun begins

Well the time is here, Moonshine is in season!!  in just a little while we will be on our way to the vets office to have her blood drawn for a progesterone level, then skip off to Cornell's lab so they can process the sample.

Shines last litter was so promising and we have great hopes for them so we are excited about this breeding.

we will keep you posted!!


  1. not this time. And right now it depends on her. waiting to see what her progesterone is. If she is ready we will head to Maryland and catch up with dawn Hitchcock at the friendship shows to date Leo. If not we will be meeting Bobbi later and breed to Taz. After this weekend Dawn is heading to Texas.

  2. vets office just called, Moonshine is gonna take her dear sweet time. progesterone was only a .2