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Thursday, June 3, 2010

getting there

Well I think I'm on the right track and doing everything I can to promote my work and remaining within the budget. Did I happen to mention that this is no budget?

Keep smiling, keep working, keep your chin up, it will all work out somehow. But dear God could you please help the process along just a little faster, please??

I know patients!!!

Any way... pretty good day. Visit from my two lovely nieces Erin and the new Cortland County Dairy princes Chelsea. Chelsea has been out and about promoting milk to elementary school children today and I believe Miss Erin has been driving the team of white horses, or is that the maroon car that the brakes keep looking up on? I forget, getting way to old, burning brain cells trying to figure out how to post a blog :)
I spent most of the day preparing for the quilting class I'm teaching this weekend and started another portrait. Can you say Dreamy???

ended the day with a trip to the cemetery for more pictures. one of my favorite hobbies is attempting to figure out my family tree. So I have been taking pictures of headstones to post on my family tree through Ancestry.com. Amazing the things you find out! But it's late and once you get me going on that I might never stop.

finally, while Jim was making dinner I ventured out to my garden and picked some very sweet yummy strawberries for our dessert, mmmmmm

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