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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Busy, Busy

So much to do, and not enough time. So why am I setting here and not in my studio?? Because this is my quiet time. The dogs have been out, fed and back to sleep. Because it's Sat. Jim is still sleeping and most likely for another few hours. I love my quiet time. Time to think, time to organize my thought (if I have any), time to catch up on the world without interruption.

Taught my first quilting class at Quilters Corners in Ithaca! What a wonderful group of ladies! I had so much fun and they were all so sweet and creative too. The work they did was just wonderful. Why didn't I do this long ago? But now that I have taught I have figured out several things I can do to improve. So, I must get busy!

My next class isn't until July 14th, however, I have 2 dog shows between now and then and one of them is in Indiana for 6 days! I will be home on the 12th late and have one day to rest and get ready for my class. that leaves me with the next 4 days to not only prepare for my class but to pack and groom dogs for the next 2 weeks of shows.

Ok, starting to feel like I'm a bit crazy, but at least it is my crazy. No clock to punch, no boss looking over my shoulder, no catty nurses aids, nurses or other staff "stirring the pot". NO MORE DRAMA! accept my own of course.

Oh well, quiet time is over and the wild rumpus of puppy play has commenced. Toys are squeaking, balls are being thrown and the sound of thud rumbles as 100 lb. plus puppies hit the floor wrestling. And now, my drowsy husband has emerged from his hibernation and doing his morning pacing. Time to retreat to my room, quiet time is over.

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