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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Mom Complex

Some times I just can't help but be a mom, even if the kid isn't my own.  My sons have a friend that is a kid after my own heart, he is what we would call a true outdoor kinda guy.  He doesn't need all the fancy gadgets which includes a formal roof over his head, electricity or running water.  Yup he lives in a lean too!  He teaches snowboard lessons at Labrador Mt., cashes his checks and for all we know buries it in a jar in the woods somewhere.  Ladies never judge a book by it's cover, This young man may not be the most handsome, or well kept but he has captured a place in my heart with his honesty, kindness and unpretentious nature.

So for my mothering...  you can imagine that living in a lean too in NY in the middle of winter must get just a little cold.  My son's mentioned to me that they wanted me to look at their friends fingers while we were at the Last Run having dinner and a beer.  Well their friend has frostbite, his finger tips were all white, and two days later one of the finger tips has now turned purple.  I told him that he really needs to go see a doctor as soon as he can.  I don't know if he will follow my suggestion but here's hoping.

So into worrying mother mode I go and put my sewing machine to work.  and after a little bit, the outcome is one very warm fleece sleeping bag liner!  So on with the boots, hat and mittens and up the road I trudge to the ski center and what luck the boys were all just arriving for work.  I gave this young man my present and his face just lit up.  Then another of  the boys turned to him and said, "you know, she made that".  He turned to me and the smile got even bigger.  It is so cool to have the little things you do be so appreciated.

Well at least I know he slept warmer last night, especially when my temperature gauge is reading -1.

Sleep tight young man and know that if it gets to cold, the door is open to my home any day.

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