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Friday, June 8, 2012

The portrait process, it starts with a picture.

It starts with a picture....

I saw this picture and couldn't resist, it called my name and said "quilt me"!

How could anyone resist this adorable face. Now to make the pattern.
  • I lay a sheet of overhead projector transparency over the top of the picture and with a fine point "sharpie" marker begin to outline the major features and color changes produced by light and shadows that I want in my quilt.
  • Then I scan the pattern and photoshop to turn the transparency image into black and white image.
  • now I have two choices when enlarging, but first remember that when enlarging any image that it must be done in percentages in order to keep your image in perspective.  If you decide for instance that you want you quilt to be a certain size and enlarge "to fit", the image will be distorted.  The first way to enlarge and the easiest is to take your black and white pattern to Staples and there you can enlarge your pattern up to 400%. The second involves a poster program I have on my computer which allows me to enlarge (still in %'s) as big as I want. The downfall of this is that it is printed out on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper (which are numbered and have cutting lines) that must now be taped or glued together.  A bit of an inconvenience, however when you live 15 miles from the closest copy center and the price of gas what it is, I can live with a little inconvenience.
Time to go paste my pages together, more to come.

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