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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the new house.

Well we are in, not sure I can really find anything yet but we are in.  Boy do I have projects! of course I am finding new quilts than I must make to decorate the walls, but my real inspiration is coming from the loft.  Our new home is an A-Frame with a bed room loft that is open to the down stairs living space.  Heated with wood all the heat goes right up into the loft and there is no need to even think warm with all the cold nights ahead.  in an attempt to decorate I hung one of my quilts into the peak and draped it off to the sides.  not only does it look beautiful there but it helped with the to hot situation as well!  so now I want to make a quilt to fit into the area with a big center star and in red and white!!  EQ6 don't fail me now!

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