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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mom to the rescue

So I get this text from my eldest yesterday, Mom, will you be home and can you hem a pair of pants? bring them over no problem.  and then a little text that one of the groomsman forgot to get his pants hemmed.

So here I am thinking my son is going to bring the pants over and no problem I'm just gonna give a rented tux and quickie hem, wrong!!  It's an invasion!  Before I know it my son Doug, the groom Steve (Doug's best friend from high school) the grooms mother Barbara (whom I love and haven't seen in forever) and the groomsman Billy with the pant issue all arrive!  The dogs are going nutty and all need to be put into crates, and thank God that my sister had asked me to go with her earlier in the morning to the vets or else I still would have been in my pj's!

Instead of renting tux's, all the groomsman's purchased suits! And most likely considering the age of these young men (all in their now late 20's) it didn't even cross Billy's mind to get the pants hemmed. Most likely he didn't even realize that they would need hemming seeing how all pants you buy at the mall are come that way. 

So the pants got hemmed and I was able to solve one of those little panic stricken wedding crisis's, but it was so nice to see those boys together!  I miss them barging into the  house larger than life, raiding the fridge and eating me out of house and home, hanging on the sofa watching movies then out the door again on their merry way to only who the hell knows where.

They're all grown up now, men out in the world, finding their way.  But, just for a moment they were those young high school boys again, that gave his mom a kiss on the cheek and thanked her for being there when he needed her.


  1. Lovely story. I also want to say how talented you are, your pet portraits are just wonderful. I;ve never attempted a portrait quilt, maybe one day I'll get brave enough!

  2. Thank you, and you really should try it's not that hard really!!