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Thursday, August 12, 2010

There are no words!

This past week has been one that I will never in my life forget!  My breeder, mentor and so proud to call friend, Bobbi Kinley Blewitt, won the Eukanuba Breeders Stake at Canfield!  Even as I type I am crying, I'm so proud of my friend and I can't think of anyone that deserves this more than her especially after the day we had.

Over 70 other breeders competed for this honor, each were required to enter 3 dogs that they had breed to showcase their breeding stock and their efforts to breed to the "standard" of that breed and their uniformity. 

Bobbi is the first in line in the above picture the dog she is holding is Ch. Adesa The Heat Is On, a.k. a. Steam! Steam held the title of #1 Bernese Mountain Dog in the country in 2008.

The second dog is Ch. Adesa's Pushing The Limit aka "Boyd". Boyd was the number one bernese in the country in 2007 and is not only a champion in the U.S. but in 8 European countries as well including being the #2 dog in Finland!

The third little one in the picture is Anna.  Anna is just coming on the scene and is showing great promise!!

How do I begin to describe the fullness of my heart for Bobbi? Pride, gratitude, joy, friend, mentor, love.

A friend of mine summed Bobbi up very well, "Bobbi is a lady, she is a lady when she wins, always gracious and giving credit to those that have helped and supported her. A lady when she looses, always the first to pat you on the back and congratulate you, and you know she means it".

Bobbi I love you from the depths of my heart! Thank you for being my friend.

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